playing golf - Competitiveness in Golf and Westin Mission hills’ famous scorecard

Competitiveness in Golf and Westin Mission hills’ famous scorecard

Betting Golf Course

Don’t we all love competition! There is something incredibly refreshing about expressing competitiveness and prevailing as the winner in any activity.  It is the primary reason why people love sports. The feeling of winning is beyond anything else.

When we are children, our parents often like to say that sports is about participating and having fun, and not just about winning. But we know that isn’t really true, right! Sports is about planning and executing a strategy as a team, and ultimately prevailing as the winner.

So why are we talking about all this? Well, as a premier Golf destination in the state of California, we bear witness to many local Golf tournaments. These are organized by us in collaboration with local Golf associations. We take a lot of pride in organize these. In fact, we also keep a scorecard of all winners and games.

golf shot

Our repeat guests and loyalty card members love to keep track of this scoreboard. As they have stayed with us over many years, they have gotten to know each other well and have forged close relationships. They pit their golf skills against each other and don’t derive any more pleasure than bragging to each other over who has the better ranking on our scoreboard.

Believe it or not, they even gamble on upcoming tournaments. While the Western states, including California, are considering revising their betting laws in line with the general trend, harmless betting amongst individuals isn’t a big deal. In fact, Poker stars such as Phil Ivey, Phil Hellmuth and so on are often known to have casual bets amongst themselves when they play Golf.

We hope to expand our scorecard to include even more names in the upcoming months. If anything, Golf is picking up in the United States and we want a piece of the cake.

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