play golf - Incredible waterslide, Spa and Westin Mission Hill’s overall features

Incredible waterslide, Spa and Westin Mission Hill’s overall features

Golf Golf Course

The Westin has always been considered one of America’s finest luxury hotels. Alongside the Marriott, Hilton and Grand Hyatt, Westin is truly the pinnacle of American hospitality. Our Mission Hills hotel in the state of California is no exception. It never fails to disappoint.

The Westin Mission Hills Resort & Spa is not just your typical luxury hotel. The location is quaint and secluded, and offers a glimpse of the stunning Californian mountains. The views are beyond your standard city or beach views, which are offered by most other luxury hotels or resorts.

water slide

In addition to the setting, the Westin Mission Hills is a golfer’s dream. With two amazing and grand golf courses, the facility can accommodate more than 500 golfers simultaneously. Think about that for a second! We don’t simply have golf courses, we also provide access to training facilities. The service is ore holistic in general.

We recognize that our guests are here primarily to relax and unwind. Hence our amazing Spa. In line with the modern concept of a spa, we offer a thoroughly personalized service, with therapy pools, salons and value-added products and services on top. Professionals have rated our steam rooms as top notch.

However, today’s resorts ought to differentiate themselves in terms of the entertainment that is in offer. Our guests often reside with us with their families for a significant period of time. They expect amenities and facilities to keep them entertained in-house, without taking the trouble to venture outside.


In line with that expectation, we have activities catered to entertain children and adults alike. Our water slide, that spans an incredible 75 foot, almost give the perception of an amusement park. Our pools and restaurants, which in turn feature live music performances, also aid the cause. Truly, we are a one-stop shop for all you desires and expectations.

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